Who Is Adar in The Rings of Power?

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Episode 3 of The Rings of Power.The true face of evil has not yet revealed itself The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Although we’re almost halfway through Prime Video’s first season JRR Tolkien Adaptation, we’ve only seen a brief glimpse of the Dark Lord Sauron’s symbol. Consider that The Rings of Power is on a five-season course, it makes sense that the new generation of heroes would have to face off against some other antagonists. One of the series’ new villains is revealed in the third episode, the former elf known as “Adar” (Joseph Maulle).

In “Adrift”, Arondir (Ismael Cruz Cordova) is kidnapped by a battalion of Orcs in the Southlands. The elven forces had withdrawn from their role of protecting the area, where they were said to be monitoring humans for suspicious activity. Arondir and a group of captive elves are forced to build a series of tunnels. After failing to lead the other prisoners in an attempt to escape, Arondir is brought before the orcs’ enigmatic leader, an imposing figure known as “Adar”.


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What are Adar’s origins?

At first, Arondir suspects that Adar may be another name for Sauron himself. In Tolkien’s mythology, Sauron experiments with many of the biological creatures in Middle-earth to create his monstrous creatures and armies. We see a brief insight into this breeding process in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. In the Sylvan Elvish language, “Adar” is Sindarin for “father”. In a way, Adar is the father of the orcs.

Tolkien’s novels give a few different potential origin stories for the orcs themselves, however The Rings of Power puts the emergence of these creatures in a new context. Adar argues that the orcs have the same rights as any other creature in Middle-earth. He uses them to dig underground tunnels in the Southlands to create Mordor himself and thus give his “children” a home. His plot is first discovered by Galadriel (Morfydd Clark) as she examines the symbol in the Númenórean Hall of Law. She discovers that the seal itself is actually a map of the Southlands, and inspires the Númenórean sailors to sail with her to defend their world.

The sixth episode reveals Adar’s origins. After his armies are defeated, Adar is captured by Galadriel, who demands that Halbrand (Charlie Victets) leave their opponent alive. Adar reveals that he was captured and tortured by the Dark Lord during the Year of the Trees of Morgoth. He became one of the very first Orcs in Middle-earth and possesses the powers of both an Orc and an Elf. It is also suggested that Adar may have been involved in the deaths of Halbrand’s family.

Adar may have been captured, but that was all part of his plan. As the humans and elves celebrate their victory, the land is inundated with water and magma burns beneath the surface according to Walgred (Geoff Morell) dips a sword into a mechanism.

What is Adar’s goal?

In the opening moments of the sixth episode, Adar reveals his true intentions to the orcs. He tells them they will “throw off” their bonds, presumably meaning rebellion against Sauron. He mentions both”Eren Mithrin” and “Ephel Arnen”, referring to the Gray Mountains and the Ephel Dúath Range respectively. That would explain why they were able to travel through Middle-earth in secret.

Adar proves to be a bit more empathetic during his conversation with Galadriel. He’s just trying to find a home for the orcs and doesn’t seem like a huge fan of Sauron himself. Both Sauron and Morgoth treat the Orcs as meaningless pawns, but Adar gives each of his soldiers a name.

Adar is an original character created for the series. Under the current rights agreement, Amazon Studios only has the rights to use characters, events and locations from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. This means that any stories that appear exclusively in Tolkien’s other books (such as The Silmarillion, Unfinished Storiesor The Children of Hurin) cannot appear in The Rings of Power.

The Rings of Power has a wealth of source material to draw from, but it also has the potential to add something new to this beloved universe. Exciting to see events, characters and stories referenced Lord of the Rings, but if the show really spans five seasons, hopefully we’ll be in for some surprises as well. Adar is one of the most interesting new characters in the series so far. It will be fascinating to see if we get more details about his origins in the rest of season one.

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