Who Is the New Black Panther After T’Challa, Chadwick Boseman? 

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Warning: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever spoilers ahead. After Chadwick Boseman, who played Black Panther King T’Challa, tragically died in 2020, many Marvel Cinematic Universe fans wondered who would replace him as the new Black Panther Black Panther 2: Wakanda forever.

Boseman died after a private battle with stage 4 colon cancer. He was only 43 years old. “Chadwick is a true fighter, has persevered and brought you many of the films you have come to love so dearly,” his family said in a statement at the time. “Out of marshal to Because 5 bloodAugust Wilsons Ma Rainey’s black butt and a few more, all filmed during and between countless surgeries and chemotherapy regimens.”

In a story for diversitythe Wakanda forever Filmmaker Ryan Coogler said Boseman did not read the script Black Panther Continued because his battle with cancer had exhausted him. “He hadn’t read it,” Coogler said. “I found out later that he… ‘I can write that,'” he finally says. “It’s harder for me to say.” The notice acc diversity, essentially saying that Boseman was “too tired” to read the script. “That’s what happened,” Coogler said. But the show, as they say, must go on. Read on to find out who took over as the new Black Panther after Boseman’s death.

Who is the new Black Panther?

Who is the new Black Panther? Fans of the books will already know that T’Challa’s genius half-sister Shuri (Letitia Wright) takes on the responsibilities of Wakanda’s all-powerful protector. If you’ve seen the first Black Panther movie, but you will know that Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) destroyed all of the heart-shaped herb in Wakanda that gave the Black Panther power to anyone who drank the flower-infused concoction. Usually, the new Black Panther is chosen by a new challenger who faces the existing hero in a gladiator duel. In fact, in the comics, Shuri wanted to compete the day T’Challa took over the mantle from his uncle S’Yan, but she was knocked out by an opponent.


Image: Marvel / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection.

There have been questions about whether the MCU should simply recast T’Challa after Boseman’s death. In conversation with RichKevin Feige said it was “too early” to simply swap Boseman for another actor like the one he was introduced to Captain America: Civil Warto the groundbreaking story of its origin Black Pantherand in Avengers: Infinity War and endgame.

“It just felt like it was way too early for a rewrite,” he says, comparing their approach to Marvel’s long-standing ethos in comics. “Stan Lee always said that Marvel represents the world outside your window. And we’ve talked about how, as extraordinary and fantastic as our characters and stories are, there’s a relatable and human element to everything we do. The world is still processing the loss of Chad. And Ryan let that flow into the story.”

Feige addressed this point in an interview with Deadline in 2021, stating that there would be no CGI T’Challa in the sequel Black Panther either: “So much of the comics and that first movie is the world of Wakanda. Wakanda is a place where you can continue exploring with characters and different subcultures. This was always and initially the main focus of the next story. We won’t have CG Chadwick and we won’t be recasting T’Challa.”

He continued, “Ryan Coogler is working very hard on the script right now with all the respect, love and genius that he has, which is a great comfort to us, so it’s always been about furthering the mythology and inspiration of Wakanda . There is also a duty to honor and respect the ongoing insights and lessons from Chad.”

Wakanda forever begins with Shuri desperately trying to recreate the flower to cure her brother of an unknown illness, but she is unsuccessful and T’Challa (who is not pictured in these scenes) dies. A lot of Wakanda forever focuses on a post-Black Panther Wakanda and how that time has passed in the nation’s history. There are flashbacks to Boseman’s scenes from the first film towards the end Wakanda foreverwhile Shuri struggles but eventually comes to terms with her brother’s death.

Black Panther

Image: Marvel / © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection.

“The challenge was just being vulnerable with our feelings and going to Wakanda without our king, which is one of the hardest things we could have done,” Wright told Bet.com. “As I felt this difficulty, I allowed it to flow into Shuri – when you are affected by losing someone, it feels the inner circle first before it starts to reach the outer circle. The people who love T’Challa the most would feel it, so I allowed what I was feeling to flow into Shuri and let us follow her journey into womanhood.”

Initially, Shuri isn’t interested in taking the mantle of the Black Panthers, she doesn’t even really believe in the ancestral plane. But when their mother, Queen Ramonda, dies at the hands of Wakanda’s new enemy, Namor (played by Tenoch Huerta), the African nation needs the power of the Black Panther to defend itself against this very formidable foe. Unbeknownst to Namor, he is gifting Shuri with the missing ingredient needed to revive the heart-shaped herb. Shuri undergoes the ritual of turning into the Black Panther – which involves going to the Ancestral Plane and consulting dead relatives in the afterlife.

Shuri is shocked to find Killmonger, the first’s antagonist Black Panther 2018 film there in the Ancestral Plane. He says T’Challa’s Mercy made him “too noble” and therefore weak, so he tries to convince Shuri to do what needs to be done and destroy Namor. When Shuri regains consciousness, she tells Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) that the concoction didn’t work, but it’s clear that she has super strength, so she’s creating her own Black Panther suit. In the final showdown with Namor, Shuri almost kills her enemy when Killmonger encourages him, but instead shows mercy when a vision of her mother, Ramonda, convinces her to spare him.

Black Panther

Image: Marvel / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection.

“Letitia was hired because, #1, she was a great actress, but #2, she brought a lightness to the film,” said Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios president diversity. “Now the entire weight of the film and the Kingdom of Wakanda in the next film was on her shoulders in a way that obviously nobody expected.”

What are Shuri’s Black Panther powers?

What are Shuri’s Black Panther powers? They resemble those that came before her: super strength, stamina, power absorption, nanotechnology enhancements, and other overpowered physical traits that make them comparable to T’Challa and Killmonger. This is of course coupled with her existing genius intellect, so that’s an advantage she has over both. She also upgraded the suit with panther-shaped gauntlets that can fire sonic blasts, so Black Panther now has ranged attacks and is deadly at close range.

will there be one Black Panther 3?

will there be one Black Panther 3? However, nothing definitive has been announced Wakanda forever Producer Nate Moore narrates diversity Many ideas were floating around as to where the Wakanda story should go next. “This world is vast and there are so many great characters,” says Moore. “Beyond what’s happening with this movie, there are more opportunities to come back to Wakanda.”


Image: Annette Brown/© Marvel/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection.

Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, confirmed this statement. “I’ll go back to what I said when we decided to do it Wakanda forever after losing Chad,” said Feige. “This mythology and this ensemble and these characters deserve to go on and will go on after we’re all gone I hope and will go on forever in movies as it has in comics for over 50 years.”

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is now in cinemas. The first Black Panther The film is available to stream on Disney Plus. Here’s how to watch it for free.


Image: Triumph Books.

For more about Black Panther and Chadwick Boseman, Read Mia Johnson’s 2020 Biography, Chadwick Boseman: Our King Forever. The book, released four months after Boseman’s death from colon cancer on August 28, 2020 at the age of 43, takes Marvel fans through Boseman’s career and life, from his cast as King T’Challa in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Black Panther franchise about his secret diagnosis of colon cancer in 2016, two years before the premiere of the first Black Panther Movie. The biography, which will donate a portion of its proceeds to Fight Colorectal Cancer, an organization dedicated to colorectal cancer research and awareness, also includes dozens of color photos and details about Boseman’s childhood in South Carolina and his final days before his death. “If you love Chadwick Boseman and who doesn’t, you need this book,” wrote one reviewer.

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