Why (and How) Guys Should be Brushing Their Hair

Here’s a confession: For most of my youth, I thought a hairbrush was just a comb for girls. Now, there are many things I still don’t know as an adult, but hair health is not one of them. And hairbrush and comb are not interchangeable. The latter is primarily a styling tool. A comb, on the other hand, has more benefits, and should be used regularly by anyone with medium to long hair.

For more, we got some input from celebrity stylist Melissa DeZarate. She hits their best — Charles Melton, Henry Golding, Andrew Garfield. And she thinks every guy can benefit from a hairbrush. She said: “Combing your hair isn’t really a must. “There are so many benefits, including preventing hair loss, having healthy hair and improving scalp health.”

Who needs a hairbrush?

Typically, the shorter the hair, the less reason to brush it, says DeZarate. That being said… “Pretty much any hair type can benefit from combing,” she adds. “But it knows how and when to brush that is the main problem. “

In other words, you need a comb that matches the texture and curl pattern of your hair (or lack thereof), and that will help you achieve your hair goals. After all, there are dozens of types of brushes.

However, let’s use this as a measure: or if you want to help strengthen follicles and strong hair at the root. (And that list includes most of us!).

Benefits of combing hair

1. The brush distributes scalp oil to the entire hair strand

The best benefit of a hairbrush is probably its ability to help condition the entire strand of hair. That’s because naturally nourished scalp sebum can only be reduced so much without help. A brush helps distribute those oils so you can avoid many of the problems caused by too dry hair: breakage, frizz, split ends, and overly greasy roots. Plus, you’ll get a healthy glow in the process.

2. Comb untangled hair

If you’ve ever combed your hair and felt those painful curls — often ripping them off and breaking a bunch of hair in the process — then you’ve definitely missed out on the next big benefit of combing. A flexible, evenly spaced brush will help detangle your strands without breakage and minimize headaches. (There are even some brushes specifically for parting, which focus on separating the hairs rather than pulling the hair downwards.)

3. The brush stimulates the scalp and strengthens the follicles

Like a scalp massage, the brush stimulates the capillaries in your scalp and increases circulation in this area. This increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the follicles, which enhances hair growth at the root. So, daily brushing can help ensure that you have stronger hairs that grow in the first place and are prepared for the long haul.

4. Brushes can help you style your hair

The brush has wide teeth and smooth teeth, but the spectrum of the brush runs all the way. The brush has an open, “vented” back that is great for use with a hair dryer, as well as the round brushes for bouncy styling. Others can help with bouncing hair to create a voluminous look.

5. Brush to help remove hairs that are about to fall off

You lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day, and they are much more noticeable when your hair is of combable length. And instead of finding them around the kitchen, bed sheets and bathroom floors, why not sweep them every morning and evening? Brushing doesn’t cause premature drop either, unless you’re tugging and tugging at the handle. Instead, it trains hairs that are ready to fall out in the first place. They will return in a few months, as if they had fallen naturally.

When (and How Often) to Brush Your Hair

If you want to incorporate proper brushing into your regimen, you should do it at least once a day. A morning and evening diet is a good maximal approach, especially for dry hair. A lot depends on your bathing regimen, because brushing is usually best done on dry hair, as hair will break less than wet hair.

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