Why did Kenzie have this photo?

house destroyer is one of the most popular movies on Netflix right now. The new South African thriller follows a worried woman who decides to stalk her colleague and try to steal everything she wants from her life.

Spoilers ahead for house destroyer

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already seen the film and still have questions about the events, or if you just want to know how it ends: In the following we answer all questions and tell you all the important twists!

End of Netflix Home Wrecker: What Happens to Kenzie?

Kenzie is eventually arrested for attempted murder and actual murder. In the end, everyone at the company finds out what Kenzie did, and Tamara gets a big apology from everyone. The film begins and ends the same way, with a glimpse of Kenzie behind bars.

Netflix Home Wrecker ending: Is Lawrence dying?

No, luckily Lawrence isn’t dying. Kenzie shoots him, but Tamara and Clinton are able to get him to the hospital in time to save him. He is in critical condition but will survive.

End of Netflix Home Wrecker: Is Rob dying?

Unfortunately, Rob the IT guy isn’t so lucky. Kenzie strangles him with a phone cord to prevent Rob from forwarding the footage that would prove Kenzie sent that damn email from Tamara’s computer.

End of Netflix Home Wrecker: Are Kenzie and Tamara Sisters?

One of the biggest surprises ever house destroyer is the revelation that Kenzie and Tamara are likely half-sisters. During the escalating fight between the two women, Tamara finds an old photo of her father Lloyd at Kenzie’s.

Tamara later shows it to her father, who then privately confronts Kenzie about it. Their conversation reveals that Lloyd used to be in a relationship with Kenzie’s mother, Juliet, who has since passed away. The film doesn’t 100% confirm that Kenzie is Lloyd’s daughter, but it is heavily implied and he keeps it a secret from Tamara.

End of Netflix Home Wrecker: Will Tamara become a partner?

Yes! After everything she’s been through, it would suck if Tamara didn’t become a partner in the law firm. Once her superiors find out the truth, they apologize and make things right with Tamara by giving her the job back and promoting her.

End of Netflix Home Wrecker: Will Tamara and Clinton get back together?

Clinton and Tamara reconcile and get back together by the end of the film. They finally seem to agree on marriage too.

Will there be a Home Wrecker sequel on Netflix?

The twist late in the film that Tamara and Kenzie are likely sisters seems like a strong hook for the sequel. Maybe a second movie could see Kenzie somehow get out of prison and go after Tamara again. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it’s possible there will be a sequel in the future!

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