Why Has Remaking Scarface Been Impossible?

Make a remake of scarface would seem like blasphemy on paper. This Brian de Palma movie with Al Pacino was incredibly influential and has never slipped off the pop culture radar in the many years since its release. Of course, that perception probably comes from those who don’t know that the year is 1983 scarface is itself a remake of a 1932 feature film of the same name (both based on the 1929 novel scarface). Although it may be the most familiar to modern moviegoers, the Pacino scarface retreads already known terrain. Given that it’s been remade once before, updating this material again might seem natural rather than abominable. But try to get a 21st century scarface Remake has proved tremendously challenging so no one should expect to be welcoming this film or any of its little friends any time soon.


Universal originally pursued a sequel called Son of Tony

Universal has spent much of the 21st century finding ways to extend the shelf life of the scarface Brand name, with the studio initially pursuing a sequel using the name son of Tony. By 2011, those plans had shifted to just making a whole new take on it scarface story, although the project is not intended as a simple remake of the Brian de Palma film. At the time, the exact approach of the project, specifically what ethnicity this Tony Montana would be from, was a secret while a screenwriter was not yet connected to the production. Still, Universal was committed to the idea of ​​making another scarface Movie.

Two years later, the project got a massive life boost through getting Harry Potter veteran David Yates in talks to lead the project. This news came at an interesting time in Yate’s career, as it came during a multi-month period of what appeared to be his Legend of Tarzan The film was dead at Warner Bros. With Yates potentially having a vacancy in his schedule, the director was now being courted to take it on scarface as his first post-Harry Potter special feature. It was also around this time that the first reports appeared that the main actor of scarface would be mexicanan indication that Universal wanted to address complaints about Al Pacino, who played a Cuban character in 1983 scarface.

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There was never another word about Yates directing scarfacealmost certainly be because Legend of Tarzan In September 2013, the project was brought back to life at Warner Bros. With this prolific filmmaker busy now, Universal would have to look elsewhere for a director. Interestingly, Yates would finally be venting his crime drama urges with what was to come Emily Stump vehicle pain hustler for Netflix. There’s no word yet on whether Yates will continue to nod to his unrecognized man scarface Remake with Blunt’s character saying “You have to make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power.”

Pablo Larrain was the next of many to direct

The next director to stick to that vision scarface was Pablo Larrain, a bold choice for the project. While Yates was known for massive crowd pleasers, Larrain’s career path was approximate. In 2014 there were only minor Chilean dramas. The projects were celebrated, but they didn’t necessarily suggest much interest or passion for the crime genre. However, Larrain would not stay with the project for long. While promoting his 2016 film jackieLarrain noted that there wasn’t much drama behind his departure, he and Universal Pictures simply realized they had different ideas about where the remake should go.

By August 2016, another filmmaker had joined this new one scarface To update, Antoine Fuqua. Thanks to projects like training day, Fuqua was well versed in crime drama and seemed a natural fit for the project. Right at the beginning of 2017 scarface Cast Tony Montana by saving Diego Luna for the role. That would have done scarface his first big star car after that Villain One. Unfortunately, news of Luna’s bond came with the frustrating setback of losing Fuqua as director of the film. However, Universal didn’t give up, not this time. The studio marched on, even setting an August 2018 release date for the title.

The unveiling of Scarfaces Release date coincided with the public unveiling of joel and Ethan Coen as scriptwriters of the production. While it might sound inexplicable that they wrote a screenplay for a movie they didn’t intend to direct, the duo have done so quite a few times over the past decade. unbroken and Bridge of Spiesnotably, also contained screenplays by the Coen Brothers but was never credited as directing work for this Oscar-winning writer couple.

Scarface has never announced its 2018 release date

Even with so much big-name talent on board from Scarface and Universal so determined to make it scarface never made the August 2018 release date. By February 2018, Fuqua was back in the director’s chair scarfacewhile the director realized a few months later that his dream was for Denzel Washington to cast the lead role scarface. Even though the project has now spent so many years in development, this scarface Remake just didn’t want to die. The allure of the foundational story, not to mention the Universal execs seeing dollar signs at the prospect of a movie release with that well-known brand name, kept it chugging.

There was no further news about the production after Fuqua returned to directing until February 2020, when Luna revealed in an interview that he was no longer committed to playing Tony Montana. A few months later, however, the scarface Remake again buffed his snagging resilience Luca Guadagnino as its director. Thanks to the year 2018 suspicious Remake, Guadagnino was no stranger to providing updates to popular films without sacrificing artistry. This project still planned to use a script by the Coen brothers, and the prospect of these two collaborating with Guadagnino in any way was a source of excitement.

Guadagnino later explained that his interest in Scarface stemmed from the character Tony Montana, while expressing a desire to make the film extremely modern and worthy of a strict R rating. For a moment it seemed as if the public could see Guadagnino’s ambitions scarface when a report surfaced in early 2021 that the production had received tax credits for filming in California. Filming seemed imminent at that moment, but sadly there was never any further progress on this iteration of the remake. Guadagnino is a busy man and he has chosen to focus on making films like bones and all and challenger instead of this.

A Scarface remake remains in the balance

That’s it scarface Remake appears to be in limbo as there is no recent news on the feature (it hasn’t even been confirmed if Guadagnino has left production). Universal has consistently shown a desire to hit the ground running, but the studio’s preference for having either sought-after genre film veterans or seasoned writers to direct the project has created problems. Former filmmakers are often incredibly busy, making it difficult to adapt scarface into their schedules. The latter group of directors, meanwhile, have specific visions for the project that clash with Universal’s very specific idea of ​​what this remake should be like.

Perhaps one day audiences will be treated to a new vision from Tony Montana, perhaps even one guided by someone like Luca Guadagnino. However, if the last decade of attempts to make this film a reality has taught people anything, it’s not to hold your breath for such an update to emerge. At this rate, the only 21st century update is for Scarface audiences Michael Boltons interpretation of the gangster.

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