Why House M.D. Should Never Get a Reboot

house md has not been on the air since 2012. The multi-award-winning medical drama ran for eight seasons, and a revival has never been discussed since it ended. Creator of the series David shore has since developed with similar success The good doctor which is currently in its sixth season. Despite the very real risk of tarnishing the legacy of the original, TV revivals with shows like this have become incredibly common dexter, Veronica Marsand X-Files All have been revived years after the original finale, and recent announcements have confirmed that criminal thoughts and daredevil will be returning to our screens soon as well. However, some shows just deserve to be left alone, and house md Is one of them.


The cast of “House MD” played a significant role in the critical acclaim

British actor Hugh Laurie was amazing when Dr. Gregory House, a troubled genius who leads a team of diagnosticians to solve complex medical problems at Princeton-Plainboro Teaching Hospital. Over the years, House is treated by Dr. Foreman (Omar Epps), dr Chase (Jess Spencer), dr Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard), dr Cameron (Jennifer Morrison), dr Deaf (Peter Jakobsen), dr “Thirteen” Hadley (Olivia Wilde) and Dr. Kutner (Cal Penn), all under the hospital’s medical dean, Dr. Cuddy (Lisa Gem). In the later seasons, House is taken over by Dr. master (Amber Tamblyn), dr Adam’s (Odette Annable) and Dr. Park (Charlyne Yi). The characters and performances were a major reason for the show’s critical acclaim and popularity with audiences.

dr Gregory House was based on Sherlock Holmes

Shore was based on the main character of the series Sir Arthur Conan Doyle‘s Sherlock Holmes, and references to the British detective are plentiful throughout the show. The character similarities extend beyond just the names (Holmes/House and Watson/Wilson), with House’s deductive skills, arrogance and drug addiction reminiscent of Holmes. Sporadic episodes throughout the series have contained references to Doyle’s detective. One of the author’s most famous Holmes mysteries was a major inspiration for Shore in the way he closed the medical drama. Shore co-wrote and directed house md‘s finale and an homage to Doyle’s 1893 short story The last problem in which Holmes fakes his own death. Ironically, this was to be the last Holmes story until Doyle revived the character almost ten years later.

‘The final season of House MD Stuck the Landing

While house mdThe eighth and final season of was a bit below the show’s usual standards, having a few highlights, with one of the strongest aspects being the treatment of Wilson’s terminal cancer diagnosis. Best of all, it captured the landing with the final episode. It was a beautiful and bittersweet conclusion to the series, and all the significant relationships that had thrived so well over eight years were brought to a warm end. Most of the finale takes place in an unknown abandoned building that slowly bursts into flames. House wakes up next to a dead body and must choose between escaping the fire or letting himself die. He argues with visions of various characters who haven’t appeared on the show for a while. House finds himself in a difficult position early in the finale; In the penultimate episode, he is told that his probation will be revoked and he will have to return to prison for six months – a month longer than Wilson is expected to live.

Hallucinations and visions were always a common occurrence due to House’s drug use. For the most part, the series has coped brilliantly, and some of the biggest shocks have come from those mind-bending hallucinations – who could forget the incredible Season 4 finale!? Familiar faces are welcome back, and it’s touching to see many of them improving their relationship with House. It gives House (and the audience) a chance to say goodbye to the characters that have brought so much joy for so many years. In a beautiful montage of Warren Zevon’s Keep Me in Your Heart, we see for the last time where all the surviving characters are in their lives.

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House’s conversations with his subconscious coincide with a concerned team in Princeton-Plainsboro desperate for him and a missing patient. As a result, some characters in the episode have little screen time. However, Shore rightly keeps House and Wilson at the forefront of the finals. Wilson’s speech at House’s funeral, which was interrupted by a text from House himself, was a beautiful reflection of their tumultuous friendship. When they meet again and share a relieved smile, it’s one of the most heartwarming scenes on the show. It’s hard to imagine House finding a more fitting final line than to calm Wilson’s health concerns by smiling at him and telling him, “Cancer is boring,” before the two ride off together on motorcycles. This melancholy final scene is a perfect conclusion to the show and reflects its enduring brilliance in balancing comedic and serious tones.

House and Cuddy’s relationship doesn’t need an overhaul

The finale was noted for the absence of Cuddy. In fact, this was due to Season 8’s limited budget, and Gemstone couldn’t agree to a pay cut at the end of her contract. As unfortunate as that is, it still works in the end as it shows House’s character growth. He and Cuddy just didn’t work as a couple, and there was enough turmoil during their romance that reconciliation was almost impossible. House doesn’t have a vision of Cuddy because they both broke up – he drove a car through her dining room to say a smug goodbye to her at the end of Season 7, and he paid the price for it. This fateful episode was titled “Moving On” to literally take the show away from House and Cuddy’s romantic relationship. It was the last drop in the house-and-cuddy love story, and while it might not have been exactly what fans wanted, it was a bold and worthy move by Shore.

Critics were indeed divided on the finale and the consensus was mixed, but it was revered by longtime fans of the show. A revival would remove so much emotion from that final episode. No one really wants to see Wilson die and House live a lonely life under a new identity while everyone else stays apart – that would just be depressing. Leaving the ending of some storylines up to fan imaginations shows respect for the fans, and trying to continue the show in any way would simply diminish the show’s effectiveness. Long-running TV shows with a definitive ending should be normalized, and needless subpar revivals needn’t be as common. The truth is, a revival of house md would be completely unnecessary. The epic story of the medical mastermind is told and leaves no room for continuation.

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