Why Is No One in Star Wars Talking About Satine Kryze?

Satine Kryze seems to have changed war of stars forever when it was introduced clone wars as the face of a Mandalore unlike anything fans and stories had imagined in the decades since Boba Fett first appeared Reich strikes back. But in their wake, like war of stars has penetrated deeper into Mandalorian storytellingIt’s like Satine’s gone from memory. Why?

The simple answer is, well, she died. Just before the climax from clone warsIn season five, Maul and Death Watch’s coup on Mandalore culminates with Maul’s usurpation of Pre Vizsla’s command and his execution of Satine before a horrified Obi-Wan. Although death is generally unstable in the world of war of starsSatine is low on the list of likely characters to either be resurrected or appear in translucent blue.

But her death shouldn’t have eclipsed her memory in the narrative future of war of stars As has been the case in recent years, at a time when Satine’s perceived influence is on war of stars The storytelling should probably have peaked. For example the Obi Wan Kenobi Satine is not mentioned in the series, which is based solely on the trauma suffered by its title character following the prequel trilogy even in an allusive form– despite being the only woman Obi-Wan was willing to leave the Jedi Order behind Be together withand died in his arms. There are logistical and narrative reasons for this Obi Wan to have at least avoided Satine; people unfamiliar with it clone wars wouldn’t understand their influence, so maybe it was better to focus on Obi-Wan’s regrets about Anakin. And to be honest, he’s got enough shit to do with it as it is Man, you cut that in half “Two decades ago I just gutted your maybe girlfriend” isn’t one of the top five traumas happening right now.

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The lack of Satine’s remaining essence is truly striking in the show named after her people. The Mandalorian. As Din Djarin’s world has expanded over three seasons , it is less his own story and more a story about the position of his adoptive people after the occupation of their homeworld – an occupation triggered by the coup that resulted in Satine’s death. Aside from that, The Mandalorian has turned Satine’s sister, Bo-Katan Kryze, into arguably just as important a character as Djarin herself is in the final season, and focuses on her efforts to unite her people and grapple with the reasons behind her desire to rule Mandalore. And yet nobody seems to recognize Satine’s existence – not even her own sister – nor the fact that for decades she has ushered in a pacifist, non-interventional democracy on Mandalore that overrides the traditions of war The Mandalorian has realigned war of stars‘ view of the Mandalorians that have been around ever since. Bo-Katan will tell Din Djarin that she was once a princess, but she will not tell anyone that it was her sister who actually ruled, nor that she actually turned against them consistent with Death Watch for a time.

The argument for it Obi Wan KenobiThe lack of a nod to Satine doesn’t quite fit The Mandalorian— a show so obsessed with heritage clone wars and other aspects of war of stars that references are more than just easter eggs, they are important elements of storytelling. It’s fair to say that it would be difficult to attract viewers who haven’t seen the animated series when the series has successfully led the likes of Bo-Katan and Ahsoka Tano to roam the galaxy It’s nobody’s business. Neither is the argument that Bo-Katan doesn’t have to talk about her sister or her death – even if there’s about 30 years between them clone wars And The Mandalorian— considering she faced the same issues as her sister in season three Lead her people take a new path. Especially as we slowly but surely saw Bo-Katan reveal her past to those around her.

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Maybe it’s just an attempt to move on from what’s happening clone wars Planned for the Mandalorians – a retcon interpretation of the expanded universe so severe and so controversial at the time of airing, one author, Karen Traviss, I stopped working with Lucasfilm after the series’ pacifist Mandalorians overruled their depiction as a warrior culture in the series Republican Command novels. As important as it was back then clone warsthe move back to portraying the Mandalorians as the honor-bound, militaristic-minded culture they have been for years of EU storytelling clone wars has once again made this the de facto version of the Mandalorians in the eyes of the mainstream war of stars fans. There are just far fewer people who have seen it clone wars when there are people watching The Mandalorian, despite their intense lyrical connection to one another at the time. Why bother?

Because for The Mandalorian Character-wise, it just didn’t make sense that Bo wouldn’t at least invoke or acknowledge her parallels to her sister this season. She’s arguably one of the most story-telling characters on the show right now, though The Mandalorian has difficulty giving some of his characters an effective emotional hook (beyond Din and Grogu). be sweet together), and Bo-Katan’s complete lack of appreciation for Satine just feels bizarre. But that’s a problem The Mandalorian has long faced the question – whether it calls for reference material to tell an infodump about coherent storytelling, or whether references and familiar characters are more important to the story than the series’ protagonist, the series’ approach war of stars Canon has always been a bit of an up and down.

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It didn’t have to be a name drop, it didn’t have to be a re-dropped wiki entry – it just had to be one somethingto add a little heart to the story of a character the series was clearly fascinated by and still is. And yet Satine remains seemingly lost war of stars The story is limited to fleeting allusions in the supporting material, and its moment in the story wanes the further we go clone wars‘ Impact. Maybe at this point, for the first time in a galaxy far, far away, it’s better to do it Let things go unsaid.

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