Why Rainn Wilson says he’s changing his name

Rather than deface iconic artworks to raise awareness of climate change, actor Rainn Wilson is boldly using his name.

The “Weird” star and “The Office” graduate re-introduced himself to Twitter Thursday with the “Rainnfall Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson” nametag to promote the work of sustainability group Arctic Basecamp — scientists who say they “Take what we know about change in the Arctic to the most influential audiences. In the call for a sustainable future.”

“We need world leaders to take action at COP 27!” Wilson tweeted, referring to the United Nations Climate Change Conference that started in Egypt earlier this week. “The Arctic is melting at millions of liters per second, but this problem doesn’t seem to be making a name for itself, so let’s make a name for it.”

In the video that came with the tweet, which included an image of the nametag, he said: “Hi, I’m Rainn Wilson – or should I say rain, fall, heatwave, rising sea levels and we need to do something about it. Now it’s Wilson.” ? I’m sorry it’s getting dark so quickly.”

The sitcom star added, “What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic,” explaining that melting polar ice caps are “increasing risks around the world, including extreme weather events that affect us all.”

So, he said, as a “cheap trick to save planet Earth,” he changed his nickname on Twitter, Instagram, and his “fancy stationery,” where he showed his followers that he’d changed his name on his stationery to read “Acid Rainn.” Kill Trees Wilson.”

He is unable to change his actual Twitter display name, he said, due to new owner Elon Musk’s temporary restriction on name changes for verified accounts.

Wilson, 56, then described himself as an “Arctic Risk name-changer who will be a game changer,” in line with the organization’s recent advertising campaign, which encourages people to change their names on social media to send a message Send world leaders and influencers on climate change.

Wilson has worked for several high profile celebrities including Cardi B, Jack Black, Ty Burrell, Amy Poehler, Harrison Ford, Samuel L. Jackson and Leonardo DiCaprio. In his video he called them Cardi the Arctic B Melting, Jack Black Carbon Is Killing Us, Ty-Phoons Are Increasing Burrell, Amy Poehler Bears Are Endangered, Harrison Why Not Drive an Electric? Ford, Samuel The Earth Gets Hot as L. Jackson and Leonardo Di-Polar Ice Caprio Melt.

He also linked a handy name generator from Arctic Risk back then stolen from new Twitter owner Musk for blocking people from changing their profile names on the platform after several celebrities criticized Musk for changing their names to his and tweeting as if they were him earlier this week.

twitters confirmation page says the restrictions on display name changes are temporary and needed “to minimize the risk of impersonation”.

One name Wilson didn’t try to change was that of his alter ego “Office”, Dwight Schrute.

Wilson recently made headlines while promoting his latest film, Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, because he said he doesn’t want to be remembered just for playing Schrute, the assistant regional manager on The Office.

“Obviously most people know me from ‘The Office,’ and they always will, and that’s going to be on my tombstone,” he recently told Collider. “But I played dozens of roles before I played Dwight. I’ve played dozens of post-Dwight roles.”

Wilson said his favorite role — and the one he hopes his fans will remember him for — is as superhero Frank Darbo in the 2010 action comedy Super, directed by James Gunn.

“We shot this super fast in Shreveport, scenic Shreveport, Louisiana,” he said. “But I think the combination of humor, darkness, tragedy, maddening imagination, my brain is touched by the finger of God. I think it’s extraordinary work and I’m really proud to have been a part of it,” he said.

https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/tv/story/2022-11-10/rainn-wilson-name-change-climate-change Why Rainn Wilson says he’s changing his name

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