Why the butter board trend is totally disgusting

“Butter table” is all the rage on TikTok. Rub.

The trend is simple: Get a cutting board. Apply some butter on it. Put some other stuff in there. Serve it to your guests.

Like most “hey, try this!” idea on TikTok, it’s probably not a great idea.

In case this trend hasn’t appeared in your algorithm yet, here’s the gist: Take butter at room temperature and artistically smear it on a flat surface. Scattered with, well, anything: fresh herbs, paprika, flaky salt, sure. Maybe some tiny figs or mushrooms. Perhaps some of the petals you’ll be excited to tell your guests are edible. They will smile and say, “Oh! Interestingly, right! ” before navigating discreetly around them.

Eating melted butter on your obnoxious cutting board? Total. Spread melting food so partygoers can breathe as much of the surface area as possible? Also raw. What have we not learned from the pandemic?

Butter deserves better.

I like parties. And I love butter. If you want to put on an adorable finger food show for your guests, you have many options with less chance of getting food poisoning or your neighbor’s kid’s cough at daycare. If you want to serve avocados, a butter plate or avocado bell is elegant and practical (and if you’re going to someone else’s party, they make a great hostess gift). Did you know that you can have a butter bell in your house and always have butter on hand to make the perfect butter spread for you to use at any time of the day or night?

If you must butter a board, don’t use the board you used to prepare the ingredients. Both plastic and wooden cutting boards scarred by your knife. Bacteria nestled in those groovesjust wait for a good room temperature environment (like butter?) to appear so they can return to the surface.

Also, have a butter knife or other tools ready so your guests don’t rub their torn bread with their hands, or even potentially get bitten first, into what’s already a potentially worrying vector. hesitate. Justine Doiron, whom the New York Times credits with sign original video of butter board, saying that not including a spreader was her “biggest mistake”. (Because, be careful with the two dippers.)

Before they appeared on TikTok, the avocado board was included in Joshua McFadden’s “Six Seasons: A New Way With Vegetables” cookbook. In that respect, it joins sushi and beef tartare on my list of dishes that I would happily eat if prepared by a professional chef but carefully avoid at a housewarming party.

Again: Butter? Good. Great, even. Parties? Wonderful. A puddle of melted butter quickly spills over the cute decorative cutting board you used to cut a block of Cheddar Cake Surprise before your guests arrive: Bad.

I am not aware of any reports of food poisoning or other illnesses associated with instant butter. But do you really want to be the first?

Besides, it hit everyone’s For You page on TikTok two weeks ago. It was no longer cool. Your great-aunt just posted about her on Facebook. Sorry.

https://www.latimes.com/food/story/2022-10-05/butter-board-trend-disgusting Why the butter board trend is totally disgusting

Russell Falcon

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