Will Ari and Summer get together in Surviving Summer Season 2? (Spoiler)

Having romantic feelings for a boyfriend is never easy, and Summer Torres can attest to that. Summer has two love interests Survive the summer Season 2, but who does she end up with? Is it her good friend Ari Gibson? Or maybe it’s cocky, talented Queensland surfer Baxter Radic.

Survive the summer Season 2 follows Summer as she moves back to Shorehaven to reunite with her old friends and pursue her newfound dream of becoming a surfer. Although Summer’s friends are initially shocked and compete against her, their minds change when they see how good she is.

While Summer does her best to focus on achieving her surfing goals, it’s not easy when she has to constantly watch Ari and his new manipulative girlfriend Wren Radic act constantly in love. She had thought that once she and Ari arrived in the surf town they would work on figuring out what to do with their relationship, but she was sadly mistaken. She quickly finds out that Ari has a girlfriend and decides to move on. But of course there are still lingering feelings on both sides.

Then she meets Baxter Radic, a mysterious new surfer in Shorehaven who she is immediately attracted to. During the second season, Summer flirts and even kisses Ari and Baxter. But who does she end up with at the end of the season? Does she even get together with anyone? Find out below.

Spoilers ahead from Survive the summer Season 2.

Will Ari and Summer get together in Surviving Summer Season 2?

Yes! After an intense will-they-won’t-they situation, Ari and Summer finally end up together at the end of season two. Remember when I said Summer decided to leave Ari behind? Well, that changes when Ari sneaks into Summer’s tent during surf training camp and they share a passionate kiss. However, they don’t get together right away. Summer tells Ari that she won’t sneak around with him and that he has to break up with Wren so they can be together.

Ari agrees to Summer’s terms and tries to break up with Wren, but never finds the right time. He tells Summer that he will break up with Wren after the Nationals are over, but now Summer is fed up and doesn’t believe him. To ease her grief over the situation, she decides to get drunk at Wren’s 17th birthday party. Summer ends up kissing Baxter, but whatever brewing between them ends quickly after Baxter makes it clear that she was messing around with her surfboard in a competition.

Meanwhile, Wren manages to manipulate Ari again. Ari finally tells Wren about his feelings for Summer, but Wren manipulates him into staying with her by telling him that she loves him. They end up sleeping together that night. The next day, Ari decides that even though he really wants to be with Summer, he will try to make it work with Wren.

On the day of Nationals, Ari and Wren’s relationship finally comes to an end. After Summer reveals Wren and Elo’s dark secret to the entire Victorian State team, Ari finally has the courage to end things with Wren. He tells Wren that he doesn’t love her and doesn’t want to be with her anymore. Elsewhere, Summer and Baxter talk and Baxter realizes that Summer actually loves Ari. So he decides to give up trying to get in touch with her.

After the Nationals are over and the Victorian State team comes in second place, all the teams celebrate with a party. During the party, Summer and Ari dance together before sharing another passionate kiss. Then we cut to the next day and we find out that Summer and Ari are officially together.

Survive the summer Season 2 continues Netflix.

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