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My favorite “diet” has been dropped, and it has nothing to do with calories, nutrition, or even the human body. No, this “Dieting” is the kind that we can really get over, as it requires abstaining from anything that bothers you, makes you uncomfortable, and/or puts you down, thus wasting your energy.


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The iconic concept, known as the “energy diet,” was created by an understandably anorexic woman who took to Reddit’s “Am I an asshole?” (AITA) forum to share its origin story, and query if she was an asshole to stay on.

As usual on the subreddit is constantly chaotic, it all started with a stubborn parent-in-law. “My MILK [mother-in-law] has a tradition and that is hosting weekly family dinners at her house where people visit. At every dinner she hosted, she would comment on my hair, my body, my job, my age, and worst of all, my infertility. It made me uncomfortable, uncomfortable, and put me in a quandary. MIL said she was only interested in me and my husband thought I was being too sensitive,” the OP (original poster) began.

AITA for telling my MIL about my “Energy Diet” and saying that’s why I don’t go to her weekly family dinner anymore? from AmItheAsshole

Things then took a turn for the worse, with MIL’s OP roughly weighing her fertility struggles. According to the OP, MIL said “get pregnant quickly” because she “isn’t young anymore.” Depressed (understandably so), the OP then decided that she was no longer comfortable with these dinners and would no longer attend, thus causing her husband to “have a temper tantrum”. (This is when it becomes clear that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.)

A couple of skip dinners later, MIL called the OP to ask if she would attend the following week, who, as the husband, afraid of ‘offending’ his obstinate parents, lied and said that His wife is sick. That’s when the OP let her mother-in-law have it (yay!), told her no, she wouldn’t attend, and no, she wasn’t sick. “I’m actually on a diet,” OP tells MIL’s optimism. “She laughed and said I ‘need to lose a few pounds’ and she would make ‘some healthy side dishes’ just to invite me over.” (How it kept getting worse. ?!)

“But I was like, ‘oh no, I’m really on an energy diet. This means that if there’s anything that upsets me, makes me uncomfortable, or puts me in an awkward position, I don’t want and don’t want to waste my energy on it,” she added. No wonder her MIL doesn’t appreciate this, and neither does her son. OP’s husband yelled at her when she got home, accused her of being overly sensitive and told his family “Don’t look at their faces.”

30 minutes of arguing later, OP’s husband took her phone and tried to get her to call and apologize – or in his own words “un**k” what she just “f ** ked”. But the OP refuses, takes her phone back and turns it off, at which point the husband “gets more impatient” and says she “has a day to make this right and start showing her respect.” his family”.

If your jaw is on the floor, you’re not alone. “Tell your husband I hate him,” replied one user. Another echoed the sentiment: “You have a problem with your husband”, while a third considered: “Open your boundaries and your feelings are NOT drama! ”

Topping a row of commenters asserting that the husband was the real problem, hundreds of others agreed that they, too, wanted to continue the “energy diet”. “I really like the energy diet! I’ll probably steal it from you one day,” the top commenter read, while others encouraged the OP to eliminate the rogue habit as part of a future diet. “It seems like he should be the next to put her on an energy diet, if you ask me. NTA. ”

I hope OP, and everyone who has gone through unwarranted comments about their bodies and/or fertility, enjoys the energy diet even more.

Before you go, check out some of our favorite quotes that inspire positive food and body attitudes:

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https://www.sheknows.com/health-and-wellness/articles/2569870/reddit-aita-infertility-energy-diet/ Woman Adopts ‘Energy Diet’ for Fertility-Shaming MIL – SheKnows

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