Year 6 SATs 2023: Would you pass the maths paper? Take our quiz to find out

Parents and teachers are furious after this week’s SAT exams brought tears to children’s eyes.

The National Association of Head Teachers, which represents the heads of most primary schools, said it plans to raise the issue with the Ofqual Schools Inspectorate’s audit team.

One teacher tagged Education Secretary Gillian Keegan in a Twitter post, which said: “Today’s SATs math justification was the hardest I’ve seen in 20 years as a 6th year teacher.”

“Why would you do something like this to 10 and 11 year olds after two lockdowns, destroy their confidence and send them off feeling like losers in high school? Why?”

As teachers across the country confirm the difficulty of this year’s SAT exams, we want to see how you fare. Answer the following 10 questions from previous essays to test your knowledge.

Question 1

A pack of chips contains three different flavors. A quarter of the packs are flavored with shrimp cocktail. The probability of picking cheese and onion flavor is 30%. What is the probability of picking salt and vinegar taste?

question 2

Here’s an equation.

m – 2n = 10 If n = 20, what is the value of m?

question 3

What is 10% of a half?

question 4

Megan says, “If two rectangles have the same perimeter, they must also have the same area.” Is she right? explain your answer

question 5

Solve this equation. 7 years + 12 = 5 years + 40

question 6

Runa and Jon each start with the same number. Runa rounds the number to the nearest hundred. Jon rounds the number to the nearest ten. Runa’s answer is twice the size of Jon’s answer. Explain how that can be.

question 7

Cleo has 24 centimeter cubes. From all 24 cubes she forms a cuboid with the dimensions 6cm, 2cm and 2cm. Write down the dimensions of another cuboid she can make using all 24 cubes.

question 8

A gram of gold costs £32.94. How much is half a kilogram of gold?

question 9

Jack dialed a number. He multiplied the number by 7. Then he added 85. His answer was 953. What number did he start with?

question 10

A machine pours out 250 milliliters of juice every 4 seconds. How many liters of juice does the machine dispense per minute?

After a series of difficult SAT problems this week, the 6th graders burst into tears

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1. 45%

2nd 50th

3. 5%

4. No, because a rectangle with sides 6 cm x 2 cm has a perimeter of 16 cm and an area of ​​12 cm², but a rectangle with sides 5 cm and 3 cm has the same perimeter of 16 cm, but an area of ​​15 cm², which is different, so not correct

5th 14th

6. If the value is 50 or more but less than 55, round to 100 (nearest hundred) and 50 (nearest ten), and 100 is double of 50 OR 0 is 0 to the nearest 100 and 0 to the nearest 10 and twice 0 is 0

7. The answer should be three integers other than 2, 2, 6 (in any order) whose product is 24

8. £16470

9. 124


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