‘Yellowjackets’ watch: Who is Misty’s new friend, PuttingtheSICKinForensics?

In Season 1 of Yellow jackets, Misty Quigley was the only citizen detective we had to keep an eye on. Obsessed with crime, Misty proved to be a true friend when her needy friend Shauna needed help disposing of the body of her murdered lover Adam. Season 2 begins with Misty spying on Shauna in a mock interrogation just to cover her base. But could Misty have met her match with a mystery man online?

A potential rival has emerged on the citizen detective forums Misty visits as “AfricanGrey”. A user going by the name “PuttingtheSICKinForensics” has focused his amateur investigation into the missing person Adam Martin case, which could be disastrous for Team Yellowjackets. So who is this guy?

Let’s follow the clues each week to uncover this Yellow jackets Secret.

Who puts the DISEASE in forensics?

Elijah Wood at the SHOWTIME Premiere for YELLOWJACKETS Season 2. The red carpet and screening took place at the TCL Chinese Theater followed by a private after-party at the LAVO in Los Angeles, CA.

Credit: Scott Kirkland/SHOWTIME

From the Season 2 trailers, we know that Christina Ricci, who plays today’s Misty, shares scenes with ’90s icon Elijah Wood. Besides the Lord of the rings The star’s perky voice is easily identifiable as the voiceover source for online citizen investigator PuttingtheSICKinForensics on episode one, “Friends, Romans, Countrymen”; Wood is also credited as Walter in the show’s credits(Opens in a new tab).

In this first episode, Misty is angry when she finds Adam Martin’s (Peter Gadiot) disappearance is the focus of PuttingtheSICKinForensics. Even more worryingly, her co-worker is on the right track and is theorizing that Adam’s disappearance could be blamed on an unknown friend. To keep Shauna out of suspicion, Misty uses her reputation as a respected citizen detective to slander this theory. But could there be clues in Walter’s initial post?

In the midst of the lengthy telegraph ruse, Walter realizes that he got his hands on Adam’s bank statements and, based on the charges, has determined that the missing man had a new love interest. Of course he’s up to something. But how did Walter get Adam’s bank statements? Maybe he’s an accomplished hacker. Maybe, like Natalie’s previous sponsor, he works at a bank. Maybe he pulled a Misty and got his hands dirty going through Adam’s trash. At the end of Episode 1, we can’t know for sure.

What does Episode 2 tell us about PuttingtheSICKinForensics?

Christina Ricci as Misty Quigley in Season 2, Episode 2 of

Credit: Kailey Schwerman/SHOWTIME

In Season 2, Episode 2 (“Edible Complex”), Walter makes his first appearance Yellow jackets while making a fascinating impression on Misty.

It starts with Misty asking for help hacking the motel’s security camera on the f/BureauofCitizenDetectives message board so she can find out what happened to Nat. Walter volunteers, “I might have an idea, but only if you stop screwing my Adam Martin theories.”

Misty growls and quickly accuses him of going on “wild goose hunts”. But Walter doesn’t give up.

Soon, Wood’s familiar voice fills the nursing home where Misty works. Amid air quality questions and staff screening, Walter makes knowing eye contact with Misty. Then she finds a note addressed to her in the staff fridge. It appears to be empty, but a flash of a UV light reveals that SICK has found her and is keen to help her in her quest to find Nat. He even arranged an interview with a potential witness posing as an FBI agent.

Asking if “Agent Quigley” would like to be involved is about the most romantic thing Misty could hope for. But this guy Is tries to unmask her friend’s murder. So your love story has a rocky road ahead.

Shipping potential aside, who is Walter beyond a rival/love interest to Misty? Could there be a clue in Season 1?

Is Walter a friend of Adam?

Peter Gadiot as Adam in YELLOWJACKETS,

Credit: Michael Courtney/SHOWTIME

Consider this: Misty’s current focus on the forums is solving the case of MIA Nat, a friend she would do anything for (including hard drugs). If Walter is Misty’s counterpart it seems, could he be similarly motivated in Adam’s case?

When Adam died, Shauna knew frustratingly little about him. In Season 1 Episode 8, “Flight of the Bumblebee”, Shauna confronts Adam about his lies about attending art school in Pratt. From there, Adam suggests a romantic getaway to get to know each other. “Look I have this friend with a cabin in the woods in the Poconos,” Adam said, “let’s go away for the weekend. I will be an open book.”

He doesn’t say, “Let’s book a hotel” or “Let’s go on a trip.” Adam specifically mentions a friend with a cabin. He has probably already asked this friend if he could borrow the apartment for the weekend. And maybe he was even floating why: alone with a new girlfriend.

Could Walter be the friend with a cabin? Could it be that that’s why he actually knows Adam had a girlfriend and that she might be the key to finding him? Of course, Shauna was more afraid of Adam.

Is Walter a Yellowjackets fanboy?

Melanie Lynskey as Shauna and Peter Gadiot as Adam in YELLOWJACKETS,

Credit: Michael Courtney/SHOWTIME

As Season 1, Episode 9 (“Doomcoming”) begins, Shauna storms back to Adam’s apartment armed with a handful of glitter and accusations that he is the blackmailer harassing her fellow Yellowjackets. She is convinced that he figured out the code to her safe and stole her missing journals from the wilderness. “The code is the flight number,” she exclaims. “It’s so damn stupid. Any fanboy could figure that out.”

Yellowjackets fanboys were mentioned in passing, always scornfully by survivors. While Adam is confused by these accusations (we later learn that Jeff was the blackmailer and borrowed the journals), Shauna discovers that Adam has hiding a copy of the detested crime of truth Skin In Game: The Unofficial Story of Flight 2525.

From there, Adam says he googled them after They met. “I saw that you were in that plane crash and I was curious,” he insists. She doesn’t believe him. She fears that they didn’t meet in a random car accident, but that he is a stalker obsessed with the tragic girls of 25 years ago. Adam claims he didn’t even know her before the accident, but he dies before Shauna finds out what his deal really is.

Whether they met by accident or not, was Adam a Yellowjackets fanboy? The old book could have been bought easily and recently on eBay, but behind it sits a tattered copy of a gossip magazine that would probably be harder to find. Could it be something he scored from a Yellowjackets message board? Or maybe Adam got it from a friend obsessed with crime, conspiracies, and cover-ups.

Maybe Walter had previously owned that trashy crime book and/or gossip magazine. At the very least, he would be the go-to person for information when Adam started asking questions about Flight 2525.

After all, the Yellowjackets girls have mostly lived out of the limelight, but Walter somehow associated AfricanGrey with Misty Quigley’s name and workplace. He also presumably knows that Misty is a Flight 2525 survivor, since that would rank far higher in her search results than her job. So could he have a fanboy ulterior motive in suggesting a meetup? Does he have a suspicion? Misty is Adam’s secret girlfriend?

Misty is usually pretty good at spotting bullshit. Could her desperate hunger for love be blinding her when it comes to this sweet true crime buff?

Stay tuned. We will update as new eps air.

Yellow jackets Season 2 will stream on Showtime, with new episodes streaming weekly on Fridays(Opens in a new tab). Episodes also air every Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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