You have a high IQ if you spot the wild leopard camouflaged in monsoon green grass in under 15 seconds

A WILD leopard has been camouflaged by grassy terrain in a visually challenging image, and viewers who can locate it within 15 seconds may have a high IQ.

The image serves as an optical illusion for most, as the leopard is virtually nowhere to be seen among the tall grasses, green bushes and hills.

Somewhere in this natural optical illusion lurks an Indian wild male leopard


Somewhere in this natural optical illusion lurks an Indian wild male leopardPhoto credit: Getty

The wild animal, lurking somewhere in the bushes, was captured by photographer Sourabh Bharti and preserved by Getty.

Leopards are found in over 35 countries in Africa and are considered “loners”. African Wildlife Foundation.

The optical illusion proves that this aspect of the animal is true, as there is only a single leopard hidden inside.

Start a timer for 15 seconds and scan the optical illusion as quickly as possible.

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Did you find the leopard within the time limit?

If so, you could be someone with an incredibly high IQ.

If not, that’s okay too – take another look.

Don’t worry if you still can’t find it – go to the bottom of the page to see where the leopard has laid down in the undergrowth.

Recognizing animals in their natural habitat can be one of the most difficult optical illusion challenges.

They are adept at camouflaging themselves from predators or prey.

As The US Sun previously reported, only those with the eyes of a hawk were able to locate the large potoo bird hidden in the branches of a tree.

The Great Potoo comes from South America and is the largest of the Potoo species.

It is also nocturnal and usually chooses places high in the trees to look for food and stalk prey.

He spends most of the day sitting on tree stumps, blending in with his surroundings.

That’s what makes the optical illusion so difficult, but if you can locate the bird within seven seconds, you may have better than 20/20 vision.

Visit our page about the illusion to find out where the bird was hiding.

If you are looking for other challenges to test your IQ, some other illusions are not related to the natural wildlife.

The US Sun reports an optical illusion that forces viewers to find at least 15 faces in an abstract piece of art.

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Optical illusion professionals might also have a high IQ if they can spot a cat hidden between several skyscrapers.

For more related content, check out The US Sun’s story about an illusion challenge that requires viewers to find the right number of circles in it in just 10 seconds.

The leopard was in the middle left part of the picture, sticking out over the bushes


The leopard was in the middle left part of the picture, sticking out over the bushesPhoto credit: Getty

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