Your bed is in the wrong place and it’s adding £200 a year to energy bills

YOUR bed can cost you extra money just based on its location.

There’s a chance your bed could be blocking heat from your radiator – meaning you could end up spending more than you need on your energy bill.

Your bed is out of place and it can increase your electric bill


Your bed is out of place and it can increase your electric bill

That’s just one of the ways your furniture can stop you Radiators not work effectively.

Nicholas Auckland, a heating expert from Trade Radiators, says it can cost you a small fortune.

You can add £50 to your bill for each radiator blocked by the bed.

So if you live in a four bedroom house, this adds up to £200.

“It’s important in the winter that you don’t block any radiators with your bed, as you’re likely to turn on the radiators higher and higher to heat your room,” says Nick.

Of course, the exact amount you pay can depend on a number of factors, including how often your heating is turned on and the size of your home.

Instead of turning on the heater, you should remove any furniture in front of the radiator so you can feel the full heat.

But Nick says this isn’t the only way your bed’s position can affect your energy bill.

Placing your bed underneath a window in the summer means you don’t have to run a fan to keep yourself cool.

Nick added: “Putting your bed against a wall or by a window can save you about 34 cents a night – the raw cost of running an 18-inch bladed fan for about 10 hours.

“Planning the bed against the wall means you have access to the cold outside wall, while placing the bed against the window means you get natural breezes.

“If you turn on the fan every night for five weeks during the summer, this will cost around £11.”

Remember that there are other ways to lower your bills just by using your radiator properly.

For example, it is recommended that you bleed the radiator once a year, even when they are working properly.

But always check yours Boilers first pressure.

This is because, if you try to drain a radiator with no trapped air to get out, water will quickly spill out of the radiator.

This can reduce the water pressure in your boiler and upset the entire system, leading to more costs.

More ways to save energy

Turning on the heater is one of the ways Biggest drain on your energy bill anyway, but sometimes you accidentally do things that can increase your bill.

For example, there is a special fact to know if you want to stop spending money unnecessarily – don’t hang your clothes on the radiator.

If you do, it will cause the radiator to malfunction and you may have to keep the heating on longer to feel its effects.

Likely, up to £55 could drop annually as a result.

Of course, it could be more or less depending on the size of your home, your supplier, and how much energy you normally use.

A clothes dryer doesn’t need to cost the earth – it’s already there Dunelm that will set you back just £12.

Additionally, letting heat escape through your chimney can waste up to £300 a year.

That is if you don’t have something to block the opening whenever you turn on the heater.

The damper is a piece that seals off your chimney to ensure cold air escapes and warm air from inside the house can’t escape.

You can install it yourself if you’re used to doing small do-it-yourself jobs – you don’t need any tools to help.

It must match the chimney system located above the smoke chamber.

Hopefully it will slide in comfortably, but there may be some screws that need tightening if your damper came with them.

But that’s what you need to do most.

We’ve seen shock absorbers from the likes of Amazon for £22, but don’t forget the additional delivery costs.

However, keep in mind that it will cost an average of £250 for someone to come and install it for you, which can be quite expensive.

Don’t forget to do annual regular boiler service checks – they can actually save you up to £550 a year.

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For more energy saving tips, be sure to read through our helpful guide.

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