Zodiac Signs as “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Characters

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It really doesn’t feel like Halloween until I see the Pumpkin King trying to take over Christmas, which is why it’s time to talk about the zodiac sign that suits each character The nightmare before Christmas. I thank Tim Burton every day for creating this cute and spooky universe that never gets old.

This groundbreaking stop-motion film was a celebration when it was released in 1993, even being nominated for an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. And while it didn’t win, the fact that it continues to be watched year after year is a testament to its staying power. Also, for someone who was born and raised in Southern California, the spooky season always coincides with the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland being decked out in Halloween Town decorations. It always tempts you to pay a ticket just to experience the Skellington vibe in person.

Not only is this one of the best Halloween movies of all time, it’s also a Christmas movie! And to be perfectly honest, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of another film that does a holiday crossover as well The nightmare before Christmas. If that’s not a reason to keep watching this movie for the next few months, then I don’t know what is! Without further ado, here is The nightmare before Christmas Character that suits each zodiac sign:

Zodiac as nightmare before christmas characters

Nightmare Before Christmas barrel

Photo: Disney.

The most adorable and spooky member of Halloween Town’s trick-or-treating trio would have to be an Aries. While Lock & Shock are constantly bickering and fighting for control, Barrel is just here to have a good time! With a face always covered in a creepy smile, Barrel may look sweet and innocent, but he really is a leprechaun at heart. After all, Aries is the baby of the zodiac. He’s the first to hurl little pebbles at the mayor, and he’s childishly mischievous, just like a ram. Make sure he doesn’t cross his fingers while making a promise!

Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie Man

Photo Credit: Disney/courtesy Everett Collection.

Surprised that the stable and handsome Taurus can also be the oogie-boogie man? You shouldn’t be! Taurus’ dark side is all about greed and gluttony, which this green bag full of bugs sums up. He’s also a planner, having set the stage from the start to defeat Jack and usurp his throne. The bull knows how to play the long game! In fact, they love to gamble when it comes to a big payday, and Oogie Boogie loves tossing the dice and seeing where they land. His whole presence is reminiscent of a Las Vegas slot machine, which is so bullish to him. Also, if Jack is a Scorpio, it would only make sense that his nemesis would be his opposite sign – a Taurus!

Nightmare Before Christmas Mayor

Photo: Disney.

Everyone knows that twins are known for being smart and “double-faced,” and the Mayor of Halloween Town takes that sentiment literally. His facial expression constantly alternates between over-the-top excitement and brooding despair, sometimes with just a quick hint! You never know which side of a twin’s dual personality you’ll get. And like any other Gemini in desperate need of a cold pill, the Mayor’s emotional ups and downs dictate the way he runs Halloween Town’s local politics.

Nightmare Before Christmas Sally

Photo: Disney.

Sally is the heart and soul of the entire film, as her compassionate empathy is the only thing that keeps Jack Skellington – her Scorpio Pumpkin King – grounded. She’s the only character in the film who’s actually in touch with her emotions (and she’s technically a rag doll). What Cancer hasn’t longed for someone with their head in the clouds? What Cancer hasn’t sung a sad song about loving someone who doesn’t know you love them? Let’s not forget that Cancer is also a cardinal sign, ruled by the hard-shelled crab, which explains why Sally constantly undermines her maker (the demanding Dr. Finkelstein) and scurries away at the first sign of freedom.

Nightmare Before Christmas Lock

Photo: Disney.

Shock is a young trick-or-treating disguised as a witch and always ready to practice black magic! She is probably the most bossy of the trio, which speaks to her Leo superiority. She bickers with the demonic Lock – her Aquarius counterpart – and seeks leadership of the group. She knows she would do a better job because at one point she literally says, “I wish my cohorts weren’t so stupid.” Her cheeky presence screams Leo because while she may be a little girl, she doesn’t look like someone to mess with!

Nightmare Before Christmas Dr. Finkelstein.

Photo: Disney.

dr Finkelstein may be demanding, grumpy, and grumpy, but he’s certainly a genius. He literally turned Sally from an inanimate rag doll into a living creature, which speaks to his status as a mad scientist. And of all the zodiac signs, none exude more “mad scientist” vibes than a Virgo. A tribute to the time-honored character Frankenstein, he is inspired by the idea of ​​creating his own ideal creature. After all, every Virgo loves a “project”! He’s also very observant, as he could immediately smell the “frog breath” that Sally put in his soup to cover up the sleep aid.

Nightmare Before Christmas witches

Photo: Disney.

Libra season occurs in October, the most witchy month of them all. These witches are often Halloween Town’s loudest residents, which makes sense since Libras are very passionate about diplomacy. This pair of mystical characters always show up at community gatherings and make a fuss about something. However, they are also famous for their potions and alchemy, as Jack Skellington relies on the Great Witch to transform his Pumpkin King costume into a flaming star. Let’s not forget that Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of fashion and beauty, which is why she is often known as a designer!

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington

Disney/Courtesy of Everett Collection.

How could the Pumpkin King *not* be a scorpion? Halloween Town is scorpion season all year round! Aside from the obvious fact that the spookiest holiday of all is inextricably linked to this dark and mysterious zodiac sign, let’s talk about why Jack’s personality is very Scorpio in his own right. Obsessed with making breakthrough achievements, Jack’s identity crisis leads to his literal becoming Santa Claus. As a zodiac sign of transformation, every Scorpio knows this process of rebranding. However, let’s not forget that Scorpios are also fixed zodiac signs, which means they always keep the core of who they are. So Jack’s Santa became an ill-fated Sandy Claws and he returned to what he does best – being the ruler of darkness!

Nightmare Before Christmas Clown

Photo: Disney.

With Sagittarius ruled by the lucky and larger than life Jupiter, it only makes sense that the clown on the unicycle would be Sagittarius. And as funny as this clown may seem, his “torn face” makes it clear that there’s something spooky about him. If Sagittarius were a monster, he would be absolutely a clown, as his constant over-the-top “positivity” can eventually come off as insane if he gets too strong. What expresses “joy” and “happiness” in your face more than a crazy clown? I’m just saying there’s a reason coulrophobia exists!

Nightmare Before Christmas Santa Claus

Photo: Disney.

It’s always Capricorn time when Christmas comes, making Sandy Claws an obvious choice for the zodiac sign of tradition and perseverance! And while Sandy might be portrayed as a non-scary character, let’s talk about how his Capricorn qualities can make him quite formidable. Judge each child by calling them either “nice” or “naughty”? Have a bunch of elves do all the work while you only work one day a year? Sounds like Capricorn nonsense to me! However, Capricorns always get the job done right, which is why Jack just couldn’t live up to holiday standards.

Nightmare Before Christmas Lock

Photo: Disney.

The evil side grin on Lock’s face always reminds me of an Aquarius. This quirky and eccentric zodiac sign always has an evil master plan! They love to look edgy, which makes Lock’s costume choice all the more fitting for this provocative zodiac sign. And while Lock may allow Shock to think she’s the leader, he knows he’s the one pulling all the strings and setting all the trends. Aquarians love to be in charge, and while they often take control, they would much rather convince you that choosing them as leader in the first place was your idea.

nightmare before christmas zero

Photo: Disney.

Pisces *is* the spirit realm. Zero is both disembodied and infinitely devoted to his best friend Jack, who is so Pisces of him. He’s literally with Jack all the time because he’s a ghost and he can be! In astrology, Pisces is associated with unconditional love and “oneness with the universe,” which explains not only his constant presence at Jack’s side, but also his ability to soar through realms. Its cascading shape and bright red nose are both adorable touches, as the Pisces aesthetic is known for being mystical, free-flowing, and hypnotic.

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