Zodiac Signs as Witches From Pop Culture—Which One Are You?

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“Are you a good witch or a bad witch?” Now that the Halloween season has officially begun, it’s time to get acquainted with the witch from popular culture that fits your zodiac sign and harness your silver screen witch. Don’t worry, dancing naked under the full moon is completely optional!

If you don’t appeal to the four corner guardians with your secret circle, then you may just enjoy satisfying your feverish fantasies, concocting psychedelic potions like Witch of love. Your others will probably resonate more with Owens women from Real magicwho have no choice but to break the curses of the generation cast by a matriarch with a broken heart.

Let’s also throw it back to September 1996, when Sabrina the Teenage Witch premiered on ABC, right? Honestly, I’m only ten years old, but Melissa Joan Hart is the key to all that I aspire to be. I also have a black American Shorthair cat! But sadly, my cat doesn’t talk as much as Salem. Also, don’t get me started with Aunt Zelda and Aunt Hilda, the most amazing 600 year olds on the planet.

Do you believe it Handmade also released that same year? Admittedly I didn’t watch it until I was much older, but thanks to St. Benedict — Nancy Downs — I was getting ready for the day when someone would regularly warn me about “weirds,” all so that I could slide sunnies down my nose and say, “we’re weirdos” , Sir.” Here’s hoping I’m black from head to toe too, but I digress.

Witchcraft is a universal language, but in the words of Aunt Jet from 1998’s romantic fantasy gem Real magic: There’s a little witch in all of us. Time to find out who that witch is:

The pop culture witch that’s right for your zodiac sign

Charming Phoebe Halliwell

Photo: CBS.

Your spiritual nature is part of your fiery charm. And while being the youngest of this zodiac sign comes with a bit of innocence, that still doesn’t take away from your guts. Being a born intelligent person can also be more difficult than you are comfortable admitting, but this is exactly what strengthens your intuition, leading to overwhelming premonitions.

Bellatrix Lestrange Harry Potter

Photo: Warner Bros.

Your go or die energy is unparalleled, making you one of Lord Voldemort’s most loyal and trusted supporters. Relaxing, intense and quite brutal when activated, you will have to go through a lot of time to satisfy your lustful desires and unbridled bloodlust. Your fixed nature is unchanging, so it’s no surprise that you’re the last Death Eater standing in the final battle.

Rochelle Zimmerman The Craft

Photo: Columbia Pictures.

Your curious mind is your greatest superpower. So only you have the courage to confront the bully with questions in a row… and well, you have no problem handling the matter yourself if needed. Your versatility and multifaceted make you incredibly well-rounded, and your witty remarks keep things light between you and your co-workers.

Sally Owens Real Magic

Photo: Warner Bros.

If someone lifts your heart to their ear, they can hear the ocean. All you ever wanted was a normal life, but you couldn’t help but become the benevolent wizard you are. And although the emotional burden of your ancestors is a great cross to bear, your intuitive gifts are why you will never die with a broken heart.

Elaine Parks The Love Witch

Photo: Oscilloscope.

You are a fiery enchanter, and the only thing you love more than art is the game of seduction. After all, you probably know Elaine as the main character of Witch of love (2016). Sensual and pungent, you won’t stop at chasing the man of your dreams, even if that means calling the goddess of love and engaging in ritual lovemaking. Your love language is a total show, because there is nothing you can do to love and be loved in return.

Hermione Granger Harry Potter

Photo: Warner Bros.

You are smart and extremely proficient at your job. Analytical and inquisitive, you are often recognized for your outstanding strategy and keen observation skills. Sure, you might experience nitpicking and being overly critical, but chances are it’s for good reason. Being a “mud player” makes you tend to over-prepared for the worst, and you will do everything in your power to follow the rules… that is, unless you know Fluffy is on watch. guard on the third floor, below the trap door. .

American Horror Story by Fiona Goode

Photo: FX.

“This Coven does not need a new Supreme. It needs a new carpet.” Your beauty is captivating, but you also tend to waver between your extreme acts of kindness and a ruthless killer. And while decency isn’t necessarily your forte, you never stop leading with elegance and grace. It ends badly when you’re ruled by the irresistible Venus… and well, it’s not your fault that you made the Ax Soldier a fool for your love.

The Wicked Witch of the West

Photo: MGM.

Hungry for more power? After all, manipulation is a form of magic. Similar to your modern ruler, Pluto, you have mastered the cunning art of scare tactics, instilling fear in those around you with domination and mind games. , not to mention a spine-tingling pain that continues to set high standards for witches around the world. What most people don’t know about you, however, is that your undying rage is rooted in pain and loss. As for your all-black wardrobe, it flatters your skin to this day.

Gillian Owens Realistic Magic

Photo: Warner Bros.

Staying in one place for too long is a burden for you, which is why you chose to be a mystical wanderer. You know better than not to forget your tiger eye during a blood moon, but your laid-back nature continues to get you into trouble. As for romance… well, what wouldn’t you do for the right guy? Then again, your love is so addicting, it brings dead lovers back from the dead. Thank the goddess for Belladonna, otherwise you won’t be able to sleep.

Nancy Downs The Craft

Photo: Columbia Pictures.

To say that you are ambitious would be an understatement, especially since you would do anything and everything to improve your life and situation. Witchcraft empowers you, but your insatiable desire for self-mastery is as merciless as lightning. You know exactly what it takes to give structure and stability to the secret circle, and you’re not afraid to rise up when the opportunity arises.

Elvira: Shadow Mistress

Photo: NBC.

You’re an incredibly eccentric dark lady, and your punk rock, athletic mohawk poodle is no exception. “What’s there to make fun around here?” You can’t help but make a fuss and block traffic, and you do it all by simply being your boldest self. Glamor is almost inevitable when you are ruled by rebellious Uranus, but your taste buds are both shabby and dazzling.

The Chilling Story of Sabrina Spellman

Photo: Netflix.

Being a mutable sign meant becoming a witch, mortal, and maiden at the same time. And while it’s not exhausting to wander through multiple dimensions simultaneously, you seem to be the only one mystically equipped for the job. In addition to being an advocate for the underdogs, your innate awareness makes you socially conscious of the injustices happening around you. Setting boundaries may certainly not be your strongest suit, but this still won’t make you any less magical.

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