Zombie Horror Movies Ranked by Whether You Could Survive Them

We’ve all thought about our own zombie escape plan at least once. If you lived in a city, would you pack up all your resources and leave? Or would you try to save the community? Would you be self-sufficient in the country? Grow your own crops, dig latrines, set up borders? If you were in a skyscraper in the middle of the city… well, you’re probably screwed. But what about the rest of us? How well could we survive? All of these factors mean nothing until we consider the most important one – which zombies are we up against?

Now you might be thinking, “Zombies are zombies, what does it matter?” Grow up, Doug. Of course it is important. You don’t need to hide in the country when you’re up against the naïve strays Shaun of the Dead, but against the bloodthirsty sprinters World War Z, I would suggest leaving the whole planet behind. Below we’ve ranked ten zombie movies from most survivable to least, considering factors such as zombie races (speed, durability, viciousness), location, and routes of infection. Could you survive a war against the undead?


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Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Congratulations! You have found yourself in the world’s most survivable zombie apocalypse Night of the Living Dead. That’s not to say it’s going to be easy – you’ll still have starving ghouls on your tail looking for a good brain. However, these guys are pretty ineffective unless gathered in a horde. They have no super strength, they still feel pain, they are slow and they are afraid of fire. Smarter than the average zombie, they can use tools and open doors. But as long as you have a gun or something to smash their heads in, the ghouls are easy to kill if you destroy the brains and stay away from their teeth. One bite from these suckers and you’ll have a serious long hog craving. The best course of action here is an armed group, which does quite well towards the end of the film. Prevent the ghouls from gathering and take them out in groups. Just don’t get confused with one.

Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Things are still looking pretty good for your survival Shaun of the Dead. Similar to the above, these zombies are slow moving and limited by rigor mortis. On their own, they don’t pose much of a threat, and they’re pretty dumb. If they join forces, you should be concerned. Together they are much stronger than RomeroThe zombies. Strong enough to smash windows and tear people apart with their hands. Getting overrun is your biggest worry. These zombies are attracted to light and sound, making it much more difficult to hide. The best thing to do is find a safe place to curl up, have a nice, cold pint, and wait for it to be over. No seriously. These zombies are easy to take down once military forces arrive. To survive this apocalypse, stay at home.

Zombie Land (2009)

It’s time to go crazy or shut up, you’re in zombie land. Slow zombies are not an issue here, the best thing to do is to train your cardio. Not only can these guys run, but they have a decent level of durability. Broken limbs won’t stop them, and they don’t seem to decay at their normal rate. However, what keeps these zombies low on the food chain is how easy they are to kill. They don’t need a headshot, they can be killed like normal humans with shots in the chest or broken necks. As long as you double tap. They also don’t have a great sense of self-preservation, running right into amusement park rides and falling from great heights. If you stay sharp, find a party, and follow the rules, you’ll have a better chance of surviving.

Recording (2007)

If you are outside the apartment complex Rec, Lucky you. You are sure. If so your Apartment complex… ehh, good luck. Although this virus was originally thought to have come from a dog with rabies, it is demonic in nature, so finding an antidote will be difficult. Or a willing priest. These zombies are super strong, even an infected old woman has enough strength to almost overwhelm the four men holding her. Luck is the quick response time from the CDC and emergency services, who are locking down the area as a quarantine. The unfortunate thing is that they locked you there with the disease. Being locked down with flesh-eating zombies isn’t ideal, but you could certainly still survive by further quarantining yourself. That means stay in your apartment, barricade the door and await further instructions. Don’t be the type to investigate.

Planet Terror (2007)

Look, unless you’re badass like El Wray (Freddy Rodriguez) or have an assault rifle for a leg, planet terror gets hard. This outbreak occurs because a deadly biochemical is released into the city, killing most of the population. They may be lucky and escape that first wave, but they can still transmit the disease through bites. These infected are even stronger than the infected Rec, with the ability to rip limbs from a body in seconds, and their cravings make them fast eaters. And, well, they’re just awful to look at. On the plus side, part of the population is immune and it is possible to stop the infection by cutting off infected limbs. So there is always the possibility of a cure. And they’re slow, so if you stick to long-range guns, you could soon be sipping cocktails in the Caribbean. That is, if you make it that long.

Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Now the zombies are coming in Dawn of the Dead are not slow or stupid. In fact, these guys can do a full sprint without catching their breath. And they can climb too. And plan a surprise attack. These zombies are too intelligent for their own good. They need a group just as intelligent to get past them. Hopefully also a massive truck to get through the hordes. They don’t give up easily, if they know someone is trapped somewhere in there (like the mall) they will wait forever for you to make a mistake. Anyone else getting nervous? However, she can get hurt and weakened, turning you into a “sugar” and giving you enough time to get that headshot. Another plus is that they do not harm animals. They can be used to run errands, as a means of transportation, and in rebuilding society, there is no need to worry about livestock being eaten. Just don’t endanger the group trying to rescue a perfectly safe dog, Nicole (Lindy Booth).

Train to Busan (2016)

Why are you sitting on a train during a zombie apocalypse? Get off the train! Wait, no, dear God, get back in! Are you crazy? Look, you live in a big, overpopulated city, you’re dead. If you somehow managed to escape the first wave, you’re probably trapped somewhere now. Like a train. These zombies are near World War Z Rampage, climb on top of each other to taste your blood. However, they have two weaknesses; doors and darkness. In most classic zombie movies, the undead know how to use a doorknob. Not these guys. You can’t break open them either, or windows. And when the lights go out, you’re practically invisible. Not a great smell for her. So if you can find a safe enough space with sturdy doors and windows that you can keep nice and dark, your lifespan will increase exponentially.

28 Days Later (2002)

The zombies in 28 days later are infected not only with the zombie virus but also with rage, making them twice as deadly. They’re going to kill the hell. They’re fast, they’re strong, and they leave no one unmoved. The worst thing is that this rage virus is the most transmissible of all the zombie viruses out there. You no longer need just one bite. It can be transmitted through blood entering body orifices, scratches, saliva…seriously, how can you even be alive? These zombies transform in a matter of seconds and spit blood that will surely infect you too. There are no tearful goodbyes in this world, you kill your infected without hesitation, or you’re gone. They are also incredibly intelligent. your only hope? These zombies disintegrate! They can become unusable due to starvation and exposure to the elements. But for heaven’s sake, just get out of the damn town!

Return of the Living Dead (1985)

Don’t be fooled by their simple, demonic looks, zombies The return of the living dead are almost immortal. They don’t even need a functioning musculoskeletal system to be revived, they can survive to the bone. The infection is transmitted via the gas Trioxin, which brings all nearby undead back to life and turns the living into zombies. You might think you can just burn the dead like you would in any other zombie movie. Sorry wrong answer. The trioxin particles escape through the smoke, resulting in a toxic rain that falls and revives even more zombies. And these guys are incredibly durable. The only sure way to hold them down is to burn them to ashes. Do you see the paradox here? One of the few things on your site is its slow speed. So I would suggest a sturdy raincoat and a secluded cabin far from cemeteries.

World War Z (2013)

If somehow you’ve found yourself in the middle of one World War Z Kind of Apocalypse, then Sayonara, dude. Unless you have a vial of deadly pathogen to inject yourself, the only way to keep those walkers at bay is to see what rotten meat is like. These zombies are insanely fast and band together like ants, using each other’s bodies to climb over walls and launch tsunami-like attack waves. are you a good runner You’d better hope to God that you are. There is no safe place in this apocalypse. It’s either you out here or the guy next to you. Let’s hope he falls. Bites turn humans into a convulsing unpredictable killer in seconds, leaping over each other to get to its next victim. They are less concerned with stopping eating than with infecting as much as possible, and have absolutely no regard for their own self-preservation. You might have a chance if you have ties to the UN or WHO. But let’s be honest, you are no Brad Pitt.

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