5 mins ago

    Report: Trump Thinks Truth Social Is a Failure Because Google Is Trying to “F–k” Him

    Like a crazy old man who spends his days shouting at an empty blender and…
    6 mins ago

    Marnie Schulenburg Dead at 37: Alison on ‘As the World Turns’

    Marnie Schulenburg, who plays Alison Stewart on CBS daytime As the world turns, passed away…
    9 mins ago

    Chivalry 2 launches for Steam this June with the Tenosian Invasion update

    Chivalry 2, the medieval PvP game where you can throw barrels at people, is finally…
    10 mins ago

    The ‘Joe Manchin of the House’ Poised to Lose His Seat in Potentially Stunning Upset to Progressive

    Very little is discussed about Representative Kurt Schrader (D-OR), but the incumbent Representative is facing…


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